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The Basic And Best Way To Advertise Online

This can be summed up quite simply. It is unlawful to mislead the public in any way.

You must describe the product being advertised clearly, without making any false claims, or omitting any important facts that the average person would need to know.


Also, the word "new" should be avoided when advertising since it only gives an accurate description of your product for the first six months of its existence.

Also, the price of the item must be clearly stated in your advertisement. Be careful when stating prices.

It is unlawful to claim that the price of your item was formerly higher than the current asking price unless you actually sold a substantial number of items at that higher price.

Any testimonials given must be genuine and authorized by the person who gave them.

You should be prepared to show proof of any testimonials and they should be of an honest nature.

When giving a guarantee, it must give details of how it is carried out. 

Example: "If you are not completely satisfied with the product, return it in reasonably good condition within thirty days for a full refund."

This clearly states the length of the guarantee and the conditions.

Keep in mind, these regulations have been put into place to protect the public.

Unfortunately, since the early days of traditional mail-order there have been many companies that have operated in illegal and deceitful manners.

These companies have come and gone like the wind, and any companies started based on unlawful premises in the future are sure to meet the same fate.

As you can clearly see, as long as you operate your Online Business operations honestly, you'll have no problem abiding by these rules and regulations.

How To Improve Landing Page Quality Scores

The Landing Page Quality Score is a measure used by Google to help filter irrelevant ads out of the AdWords program.

 The AdWords system evaluates and visits an advertiser landing pages regularly.

The Landing Page Quality Score measures improvements to the system or the level of user traffic to AdWords ads and landing pages.

If you are into search engine optimization (for example, working in an adult website promotion project) the Landing Page Quality Score will determine your success.

If you have made significant changes to improve the quality and relevancy of your landing pages, your keywords will yield higher Quality Scores.

 For any adult web promotion , the results may not be instant, but you should see the impact over the next several months.

By reviewing your account statistics, you can always check whether your changes have affected your keywords' Quality Scores or not.

A few tips to improve the quality score are:

Set up a link to the page on your website with the most useful and accurate information about the product or service in your ad.

Choose the most relevant page on your site that ties the content directly to the ad copy, and create one, if you don't have a good landing page.

You may use a sign-up form, but try to provide as much information as possible without signing in.

    Build pages that provide useful and substantial information to the end-user.

For example, if your ad targets adult web site promotion, your landing page should feature free information with relevant adult content.

Make sure that the keywords that you are targeting in your campaign are included in the ad copy and within the content of your landing page.

If you don't see any improvement in Quality Scores within several months, you should review Google's landing page quality guidelines.

For any adult web marketing , superficial or minimal landing page changes are unlikely to result in good Quality Score results.

About the Author

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10 Important Reasons To Create A Strategic Alliance

A strategic alliance is when two or more businesses join together for a set period of time.

 The businesses, usually, are not in direct competition, but have similar products or services that are directed toward the same target audience.

Below are ten reasons to create a strategic alliance.

1. You could offer your customers a larger variety of products or services.

 This will allow you to spend less time and money developing new products to sell.

2. Your number of sales people will increase because you're combining with other business.

You won't have spend to time and money hiring new employees.

3. Your marketing and advertising budget will increase.

When you form a strategic alliance with other businesses you both will share the advertising and marketing costs.

4. You can now offer your existing customers more back-end and upsell products.

This will increase your sales and profits.

5. Your business will gain a larger number of skilled people working on the same project. You will gain
the knowledge of the other businesses employees.

6. You will be able to beat your competition by selling to a larger target audience.

You will also increase the total number of existing customers you can sell your products and services to.

7. You can exchange endorsements with your alliance partners.

You'll add more credibility to your business and gain your potential customers trust to buy.

8. You can expand your business more rapidly.

 You can develop new products and services faster with a larger work force.

9. You'll be able to solve your customer's problems faster with a larger base of customer service people.

You'll also learn new ways to improve your customer service from your alliance partners.

10. You'll have a larger number of "strategic thinking" people.

 This will allow both businesses to come up with profitable business ideas quicker than before.


"A man of character finds a special attractiveness in difficulty, since it is only by coming to grips with
difficulty that he can realize his potentialities." -Charles de Gaulle

How To Select And Price Jewelry Wholesale

Selecting jewelry isn’t hard, when you can see it and touch it. However when you purchase jewelry wholesale, you often won’t have this opportunity before making a purchase, since most of these purchases are made online.

 This makes the selection process a bit harder.

Start by reading all of the information that is supplied. Make sure that words like ‘gold plated’ or ‘faux’ are not used if you are looking for genuine pieces.

Contact the company and ask for more information if you are unsure about anything that  you are reading as well.

 Make sure you are getting wholesale prices. Look for similar pieces at the online jewelry stores, or even at your local jewelry stores, and compare the prices. The wholesale price should be much lower.

Also check the refund and exchange policy of the business you are planning to purchase from. Make sure that there is a ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee, or the offer of a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

If there is no refund policy, there should be no deal! You can find other jewelry wholesale from companies that do offer refunds and exchanges.

How to Price Your Jewelry Wholesale

Pricing is an issue that many people in the jewelry business often worry about. However, there is a  method that you can easily use, whether you  purchase jewelry wholesale or make your own jewelry. Pricing is very important.

 You don’t want  to charge too much, because you won’t sell anything. On the other hand, you want to make
sure that you charge enough to make a profit.

If you purchase your jewelry at wholesale prices, a markup of 15% to 30% is usual, and people will pay
these prices.

 In the grand scheme of things, apply the 30% markup, and make that the ‘regular’ price.
When you need to move merchandise hold a sale, and use the 15% markup price as the sale price.

If you make your own jewelry, determine the total cost of the piece, including the cost of supplies, shipping, warehousing and packaging, then apply a 15% markup.

With the 15% markup, your jewelry will be priced at the wholesale price. If you sell the  jewelry to the general public yourself, as opposed to selling it to retailers, apply the retail price, which in this case would be about 45% above your costs.



1..  Advertising Specials:  If a magazine offers a "two for one"
deal, or a "pay for 3 and get a fourth ad free", take advantage
of it; it's Free Advertising!

2.  Free Listings:  Some publications offer to list your name and
address Free, if you have something that you offer "free for the
asking" to their readers.  This can be a "free sample", a free
list of customers; or whatever.  Tell publishers what you have
to offer!

3.  Print a Booklet Offering Tips:  List tips or what-have-you, and
on the inside pages, or in the back, place some of your own Free

4.  The Piggy-Back Method:  Every time you get ready to mail a
letter or fill an order, place other ads in the envelope; it
costs you no more and it's like getting a free ad!!

5.  Free "Give-Aways":  These can be pens, rulers; key chains, etc.,
each with YOUR ad message and address on each one.  Give them
away and your Free Ad rides along!

6.  Your Own Advertiser/Newsletter:  Issue it regularly; sell ad
space in it and subscriptions to it.  They pay for the printing
and postage, and YOUR ads in it, too, at no cost to you!

7.  Trade Products/Services for Ad Space:  If you have something
which a publisher needs, trade what they want, for ad space!

8.  Provide Commission Ads to Dealers:  Your dealers place YOUR ads
over THEIR name!  Free Ads for your products!

9.  Columns; Releases, etc.:  Publishers will often print these
free, if it's NEWS, or interesting to their readers!  Send
notices out to editors and get free ads in exchange!

10. Share Costs With Others:  Get together with other dealers and
mailers.  Split costs and quantities with others.  Your ads go
FREE to HIS customers, and HIS go free to yours!

11. Offer Your Commission Ads to Publishers:  They insert them as
"mailer/distributor" commission ads!  They cost you nothing and
can get you lots of orders!

12. Your Product as a BONUS Item on Another's Flyer:  This can
increase the other person's orders, and YOUR product gets
advertised on HIS fliers, etc!

13. Place PIM-50 Phrases in your Ads:  This says to Publisher:
"Insert my ad in your publication and I'll help distribute 50"
(or more) copies for you.  It's another kind of "trade deal"
with publishers.

14. Give a Talk or Seminar:  Contact local clubs, and organizations.
They always seek outside speakers.  After you talk about your
business or your product, hand out flyers, etc.  It's like
getting free advertising!

15. Ads on Bulletin Boards:  Put up flyers on grocery, laundry
bulletin boards.

16. Make a Rubber  Stamp of your Ad:  Stamp it everywhere you can.
Stamp it on envelopes; flyers; etc.

17. Be Listed as a Source in Back of Books:  Often writers will want
to list references and sources in their books.  Get the work out
to authors!  Look for ads offering Free Ads!!

18. Discount to "a Friend":    Tell your customers you will give
discounts to anyone they send your way!  It's Word of Mouth
advertising; the best you can get and it's free!

Free advertising is any message that goes out to prospective
buyers without cost to you!  There are lots of ways to get
others to spread the word about what you offer!  Try these
methods; and you'll get lot of free ads; which mean more
responses and more orders!

How To Make Money Buying And Selling Used Cars

Today, with the average consumer now spending up to $26,400+  for a new car,
consumers realize the importance on investing in lower priced used cars.
With millions of buyers entering the used vehicle market every year, a
wealth of opportunities exist for anyone looking for extra income, or a new
and lucrative full-time career.  They key to making a lot of money in this
business is to buy low, and sell at a huge profit.  This report will show
you how to get started down the road to riches as a used car dealers.

Operating your own used car business

The goal of many people is just to make a little extra income.  If you
consider $1,000 to $3,000 or more for a single sale in one month to be
"extra income" you could easily make that in your spare time without much

On the other hand, you may be one of those people who want to be their own
boss.  While it's true that the risks are often greater than if you just
worked for someone else, it's just as true that risks and rewards go hand
in hand.  If you're willing to take the plunge, the potential returns are
also greater.  If you have a bit of the adventuresome spirit and some
confidence in your own skills and abilities, operating your own used car
business may be the ideal way for you to make big, big money!

Advantages of owning your own business

The opportunity to express your own ideas and do things exactly as you want
are among the primary advantages of operating your own business.  The
challenge and excitement of running your own operation also ranks high on
the list.  Another big advantage is that you will receive all the profits
generated by your time and efforts.  The potential exists to develop a
part-time business into a full-time career that produces an income you
never thought possible.

Skills and abilities needed

The same type of personal skills that are necessary to successfully work
for someone else are also required to be successful in working for
yourself.  Personal skills involve being conscientious, dedicated,
determined and persistent.  Good human relation skills are also important.

There is also another type of skill that is necessary:  It involves the
ability to manage and organize your activities and possibly those of others
if you hire salespeople to work for you.  This skill should be taken very
seriously because it organizational ability that can make the difference
between huge success and total failure.

Finally, you will need technical skills.  These are the skills that include
the knowledge to perform activities involved in the used car business.  It
is this combination of technical, personal and management skills that will
make your operation successful.

Getting your used car business established

Whether you are operating your business on a part-time or full-time basis,
people will expect you to provide the type of service any consumer expects.
They will also associate the type of service they can expect with the
image you create for your business.  This image will be the impression you
make on others.

For example:  Will people perceive you as handling high-medium, or
low-priced vehicles?  Will your used cars appeal mostly to the rich, the
poor, or the middle class?  Do you sell something for everyone or do you
specialize? (Just pick-ups, just vans, etc.)

Any positive image is fine as long as you are consistent in everything yu
do within the scope of that image.  The image you create will largely set
the tone for all your business activities, including selection of a
business location, types of vehicles handled, prices charged, etc.

Selecting a location

If you are going to buy one or two cars at a time for resale on a part-time
basis, then working right from your home shouldn't pose a problem for you.
However, if you intend to eventually have a large, full-time business
operation, the most important ingredient in your success or failure could
be your location.  What constitutes a good location varies with the type of
business.  But in the used car business it means being highly visible in a
high traffic area, and being situated so that driving customers can get to
you.  In many cases, the location yo consider ideal may not be available,
or if it is, the cost may not be practical.  In that event, you will simply
have to select the next best location you can find and that is affordable.
Then you will have to male a strong advertising and promotion work to make
customers aware of who you are, and what you are selling, and where they
can find you.

Whether you select a location at your home or in a business district, you
must make certain you are operating within city and county zoning
ordinances.  Zoning ordinances are regulations specifying what each parcel
of land within a community can be used for.  In the location you decide on
is not zoned for the type of business you want to start, you can appeal to
the zoning commission to obtain a "zoning variance."  If approved, you
will be allowed to use the property for your business.

How to locate used car supplies

To get started in the "Buy low, Sell for Huge Profits" used car business,
you will have to locate suppliers.  In some cases you will be able to buy
directly from individual car owners.  At other times, you will go to
independent auction houses or attend U.S. Government Auction Sales where
you can often purchase vehicles for pennies on the dollar.

An independent auction offers vehicles of owners who want auctioneers to sell
by getting buyers who are at the auction house to bid against one another.  Generally, there is a minimum bid set.  The person who offers
the highest bid over the minimum set has the winning bid.  The seller,
however, also has the right to sell the vehicle below the minimum bid if he
chooses.  Incredible bargains can be found at independent auction houses.

Independent auction house sales take place in different countries, many on a
weekly schedule.  For additional information on auction house locations
refer to your telephone directory under "Auctions" or "Car Auctions,"

 Government Auctions

A wide variety of personal property either no longer needed, or seized by
the Federal Government is periodically placed on public sale.

The Department of Defense and the General Services Administration are the
principle government sales outlets for surplus property.  As items become
available for public sale. catalogs and other types of announcements are
distributed to people who have expressed an interest in bidding on the
types of property being offered.

Sales generally are on a competitive bid basis, with the property being sold
to the highest bidder.  Among the many thousands of items sold are
automobiles and other vehicles of every imaginable make and model.  In
fact, tens of thousands of vehicles are sold by the government at public
auctions throughout the country every year.

How can there be so many vehicles for sale?  Because the government is so
huge that it's difficult to even comprehend just how much property is
amassed for resale.  In fact, the government seizes, confiscates and
forecloses on property that results in many millions of pieces of property
every year, and that number continues to grow.

Incredibly, the government isn't a private business that is interested in
making a profit on the items it sells.  The government is mostly interested
in eliminating enormous stockpiles of seized and surplus vehicles and other
properties.  As a result, many thousands of vehicles are offered to the
public through government auctions at a fraction of their actual value.
This is where you can buy just about any model of vehicle you want at
super-huge savings and make gigantic resale profits.

How to Get on the Government's Vehicle Auction Mailing List

Both the Government Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of
Defense maintain mailing lists on persons interested in seized and surplus
property sales.  People on these lists are sent catalogs and other sales
announcements in advance of sales and give the opportunity to inspect the
vehicles and submit bids.

Each GSA regional office maintains a mailing list for sales of property
located in the geographical area it serves. 

How to Determine the Value of Used Vehicles

Whether you attend and auction or purchase a vehicle outright from a seller,
you must know what it is worth. 

Securing Licenses and Permits

City, county, state and/or federal licenses or permits are often required
before entering a particular business or service operation.  Often these
are issued solely as a fund-raising measure, and therefore, are easy to
obtain by submitting a fee.

On the other hand, licensing is also used as a method of regulating the
competency of those entering a particular field and to protect the public
from shady operators.  In some cases an exam is administered, and moral and
financial requirements may need to be met as well.

In the used-car business, most states require that you obtain a dealer's
license if you are buying and selling vehicles for the purpose of making a
profit.  However, you are not required to apply for a license if you only
make an isolated or occasional sale.  You are not considered to be in the
business of selling motor vehicles in that event.  "Isolated or occasional
sales" in many states means the sale, purchase, or lease of not more than
five motor vehicles in a 12-month period.

Once you began to sell more vehicles for profit that is allowed by your
state law on an annual basis, you should apply for a Dealer's License by
contacting your state department of public safety of department of motor

Check with your attorney or other city officials to determine what licenses
and permits are needed.  Simply start up a business without having the
proper authorizations can result in severe penalties, and you could be
forced to discontinue operations.

Many states and some cities and counties require that sales taxes be
collected.  The state sales tax permit is available from the State
Department of Revenue.  City and county permits are available from the tax
department in those jurisdictions.

Even though a certain amount of "red-tape" must be tolerated to obtain some
licenses and permits, this is usually a one-time occurrence. Then, it's
just a matter of submitting an annual renewal fee.