List Of Reputable Registrars Of Domain Names And Other Tools

Here are reputable registrars that charges less than $10 or more for a domain name!


Referral Script

Use a “Tell-A-Friend” script on your website that will allow your visitors to recommend your website by filling in the form on your site.

This can work effectively at the bottom articles where you place the “Tell-A-Friend” form to encourage readers to share the article with a friend

There are several “Tell-a-friend” scripts available online that you may find by using the search engine with that term.

Here is a free one: email

One method you m If you are interested in detailed statistics from your email campaigns then you may want to check out

• Do your own research online using services such as

• This is a subscription service that adds a lot more punch than you can get from just search engines (one of my ‘secret’ research resource).

For text emails, the lines should be set to around 55-65 characters per line.

There are many text formatters on the market that will do this for you, one of which is at

Submit to Affiliate Directories

The easiest and least time consuming way to announce the arrival of your affiliate program is to use an announcement service like Affiliate Announce:

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