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A List of 60 DoFollow Forum Sites With High Page Rank


  1.   PR9

  2.   PR8

  3.    PR8

  4.   PR8

  5.   PR8

  6.   PR8

  7.   PR8

  8.   PR7

  9.    PR7

10.   PR7

11.   PR7

12.   PR7

13.   PR7

14.   PR7

15.   PR7

16.   PR7

17.   PR7

18.   PR7

19.    PR7

20.   PR7

21.   PR7

22.   PR7

23.   PR7

24.   PR7

25.   PR7

26.   PR7

27.   PR7

28.   PR7

29.   PR7

30.   PR7

31.   PR7

32.   PR7

33.   PR7

34.   PR7

35.   PR7

36.   PR7

37.   PR7

38.   PR7

39.   PR7

40.    PR7


41.   PR6

42.  PR6

43.   PR6

44.   PR6

45.   PR6

46.   PR6

47.   PR6

48.   PR6

49.   PR6

50.   PR6

51.   PR6

52.    PR6

53.   PR6

54.    PR6

55.   PR6

56.    PR6

57.   PR6

58.    PR6

59.   PR6

60.   PR6

A List Of High DA Ping Submission Sites List

Ping Service is basically a way to notify Google  Bing and other search engines that your blog or website has been updated, and requesting them to index or reindex your website and also submitting your sitemap.

It is one of few ways that can get your pages indexed by search engines faster.

Here is the article that lists few other ways that get indexed by Google fast. Now, it is a good idea to use one of ping service websites when you have to update your website, but you should never overdo it.

Usually, you should wait at least 5 hours before pinging them again.

In this article, I am going to share a list of high DA ping service sites that you can use.

Remember, you only need to pick one of them.

Usually, higher DA ping service sites tend to be more effective with low PR.