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10 Websites To Start Online Importation And Online Shopping Business

If you are thinking about starting online importation business, there are many things you have to think about and make decision on, but no matter what decision you make, you still need some trusted website(s) for online importation business. 

Below is a list of ten websites to purchase and start your online importation business.

1. eBay - is the best online shopping website I will ever recommend for anyone, just because of the fact that there are millions of quality goods and products from top-rated sellers to choose from. 

 You can also get almost anything you could ever think of buying at a very reduced and affordable price through auction (bidding) where the highest bidder goes away with the goods.

Also, eBay uses buyers protection to make their marketplace a very safe and secured one.

2.  AmazonAmazon is also very similar to eBay, being the largest online shopping website, they have different type of products with reduced price ranging from refurbished and used to new Electronics, Apparel, Computers etc.

Amazon features numerous services including one-click buying, extensive customer and editorial product reviews, gift registries, gift certificates, wish lists and photo processing. 
3. New EggYou can buy many things on New Egg but they put more attention on the Technology part of life unlike other websites in this list e.g Laptops, Computer parts, Accessories and so on.
4. AliExpress Aliexpress is also a good place to buy cheap Electronics, Appliances, Fashion Stuffs etc. 

But note that Aliexpress is located in China thereby most (not all) of their products are Chinese products. 

Aliexpress currently offer more than 11 million unique consumer products across more than 4,000 categories, ranging from apparel and accessories to consumer electronics to jewelry and more. 

5. Ever Buying This is another stop spot to shop for Mobile Phones, Cheap Laptops and Tablets but the site is mainly filled up with Chinese products just like Aliexpress.
6. DH Gate DHGate is a Chinese Wholesale Marketplace for Small and Medium Buyers interested in purchasing Directly from China Manufacturers with Extensive catalog, free drop shipping, wholesale discount, express door-to-door shipping, escrow service.
7. IP mart IPmart is an Online shop specializing in GSM unlocking device, china phones and some other china gadget and accessories.
8. Dino Direct - is an Online Store With so many products you need to buy which also includes Free Shipping depending on the type of product.
9. Cellular Country – This website only sell Used, Refurbished and New Phones. check the sites for more details.
10. Made In China – The name already justifies what you are going to see, They provide online marketing platform for both Chinese enterprises and global buyers.

    Note that the sites listed above are just recommendations, you can check the websites to see how they look like, the prices and what they have to offer you.  

    If you know some other website(s) where online shopping /importation is not expensive?

     Kindly share using the comment box below.

    Hope This Helps, Have a good time. !!!

    The Pros And Cons Of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising For Maximum Web Promotion

    Engaging in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has its own benefits and drawbacks. But what exactly is PPC advertising and what it can do to your business?

    Business nowadays is doing different kinds of austerity measures when it comes to advertising their products and services.

    This is because of high rates of placing ads on print and on television. But there is a fast growing approach that businessmen can utilize to bring their services closer to the people and that is through Internet Marketing.

    One tool that is causing internet marketing popularity is PPC advertising. This is a technique used in search engine marketing that requires one to pay a fee every time someone clicks an ad on your website.

    Usually this placement is done through a bidding process. If you are a top bidder for your keywords/phrases, you are sure to be on the number one spot on all search engines. Just be sure of the effectiveness of your ad copy to get the most number of clicks you need for your business.

    Here are the benefits of PPC advertising are:

    1. You need not be a genius in computer and technology to be able to run this ad campaign.

    2. Immediate results are seen after a few days.

    3. No need to make a website conform to the SEO rules.

    4. Nothing to lose even if you do not top the pages of different search engines. You can still always choose PPC advertising.

    5. You can make use any search engine available.

    6. You can type in any keyword you like.

    Cons of PPC advertising includes:

    1. Fixed payments every month to the search engine you choose.

    2. Pay for each click received by your website. At times, visitors are just competitors or people playing pranks on search engines. This hassle wastes money you put in to this advertising.

    3. Inability to pay for the fees next month would mean removal of your website on the paid listings.

    4. This advertising can only be used temporarily because it is difficult to handle in the long run.

    5. Pay-per-click pricing can be costly for long periods of time; therefore, this should be stopped after an ad campaign.

    But how exactly PPC advertising can increase traffic, leads and sales?

    PRE-QUALIFIED TRAFFIC. All visitors of your website are already considered as a qualified consumer or buyer of your product. PPC advertising leads your customers to you for a lesser cost.

    INSTANT EXPOSURE, IMMEDIATE PROFITS. PPC search engines enable you to get your desired results fast. They will have your website live within just a few hours which means immediate increase in sale.

    CONSISTENT TOP LISTINGS. This is to get your website on top of the sponsored search results for free. You just have to choose the keywords related to your site and business and place them within your web pages. After this, you are done.

    PPC advertising enables advertisers to control their advertising campaigns. Advertisers have effectively targeted their audience and set their own price per click. PPC advertising networks provide the platform to identify the desired audience by geographic setting, topic and industry. These networks have a list of websites of the publishers where the ads will be placed.

    Tools are provided by the networks to check how the pay per click limit is working for a certain advertiser. If it’s still competitive, would it be even listed among the paid search lists or does it generate sales?

    Of course, if the advertiser made the highest bid, the better chances the ad will be seen in the search engine. These networks too provide protection for the advertisers against click fraud.

    This advertising set-up allows advertisers to set a daily budget for his ads, thus, less spending for unnecessary clicks. Advertiser will never go over his budget.

    In PPC advertising, what are important are the keywords and phrases. You have to select at least ten "very specific" keywords that would give you the best traffic in the search. Then, write the ad creatively but straightforward.

    Tell the truth about your product or service and do not lie. Good thing if your product or service will not disappoint those that are relying on your ad's promise - but what if it did otherwise? Important too is the clarity of the ad.

    Do not use very vague languages. Include important details like the price.

    You should also remember to budget your bids. Do not go overbidding because you will only lose your money and do not go so low that your ads will never get the chance to show up.

    Check your profit against your spending. If you see no progress then most likely you have to drop your ad campaign.

    More and more advertisers have been using PPC advertising and it will continue to grow faster than any online advertising techniques.

    From revenues of $2.6 billion in 2004 to $5.5 billion in 2009, cost per click will dramatically go up as well from $0.29 to $0.36.

    PPC advertising is new in online marketing and it is going to continue in the years to come.

    For advertisers, this means increase revenues with fewer advertising expenses, savings, more sales, good return of investment (ROI) and effective ad campaigns in the days to come.

    The Importance Of Backlinks From Related Websites

    Backlinks are still among the backbones of search engine ranking despite the many changes in Google algorithms and ranking parameters.

    No matter how much Google and other major search engines emphasize the importance of having good quality contents that provide genuine value to the readers, but without high pr backlinks websites can hardly get to the front of page of Google.

    If ever some of them made it to the top pages, the high ranking position of the site is short-lived.

    Backlinks are like the foundation of the building. It supports the building to make it last long and withstand the raging storms and bad weathers.

     But if the foundation is weak, the building may still stand but only for awhile.

    When rain comes, it will easily stumble and fall.

    Free quality doffolow backlinks and more free dofollow backlinks you get is better way to your website or blog have power for search engines.

    Just like websites and backlinks, some sites may be able to make it to the front page of Google at first, although the chances are small, but if its ranking is not supported by good quality backlinks coming from high PR sites, then it will gradually lose its position after a few days.

    That is why whenever you attained a certain page rank you must immediately reinforce it with free quality backlinks to maintain its position.

     This will also make it hard for your competitors to unseat your site from its present position in major search engines particularly Google.

    Free Search Engine Submission Websites And Tools

    Submit your site to the search engines and directories listed below please enter your site's URL and a valid email (to confirm submissions) - then press the "Submit Site" button.

    There is no need to submit your site more than once. Make sure that your site is online.

     Some search engines require your email confirmation, so be sure check your inbox after the submission.

    The submission may take 5-6 minutes - please, be patient. (Total amount of search engines and directories: 129) 

    Automated Search Engine Submitter

    Blog ping services pings or notifies Weblog Services such as Blog Search Engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated. 

    Thus enabling them to index your blog fast and make your content available for a larger audience.   

    You can Ping your blog on any of the Sites Listed below, Happy Pinging!

    On-Page Optimization Tool

    Sometimes the category of a link may different than that of the website. For example, a Home & Garden blog may cover many different topics and niches, and so one post “Upgrading Recycled Bottle Caps into Alphabet Magnets” might instead be categorized as “Arts & Crafts” or “Hobbies & Collectibles”  

    Keyword density is important since search engines use this information to determine the theme of your website, the perfect keyword density will help archive higher search engine positions.

    The Keyword Density Analyzer tool is useful for helping webmasters achieve optimum keyword distribution

    Check the Important SEO Content on Your Webpage Using


    WebMeUp backlink tool beta,The biggest index of fresh links for growing sites


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    Check Duplicate Contents

    Generate Quality Backlinks With the Click of a Button

    Put your best SEO foot forward and generate a large number of high value back links in a matter of seconds. Simply enter your website below and click “Make” to watch the free backlink maker tool do its job!

    The best back links are valuable, relevant, authentic, and from authority webpages. They require more work on your part, but the long and short term results are very rewarding. 

    There are a few other recommendations to check for when looking for quality directories:
    • Directory Age: Google likes quality listings on old pages. New listings on old pages will give you an extra boost. If a directory is too new, it may be a bit risky. Make sure the directory (not just the domain name) is at least a few years old.
    • Be cautious with directory networks: Oftentimes, you'll find a network of interconnected directories. Their survival may be interdependent, and if Google penalizes one, they are likely to penalize the whole group. These networks can also be a bit spammy, which further increases the likelihood of a Google penalty. 
    • Backlink Count: Any webpage is only as good as the sites pointing to it. A higher backlink count is generally better, as is the quality of the links. Look for a higher backlink count.
    • Beware of site wide or front page link sales: Some directories sell site wide links or front page links. If a link looks blatantly out of place, it probably falls in that category. Google hates that, and will ultimately penalize the site (and your listing if it's listed there). 
    • Human-edited: If it's not human-edited, it will likely be hit with a Google penalty at some point. 
    Paid directories: Generally, they are more legitimate than free ones. If a site is serious about having quality editors and worthy marketing, they need to fund it somehow. If it's free, you wonder how long they'll be in existence. When they disappear, so will your link. 
    • Rule #1: The page you want to be listed on must be indexed by Google and other Search Engines

      Your site listings only count if Google and other search engines sees them. So make sure the page with your website has been recently indexed by Google and other search engines. That's it. You're done. Unless you have a few questions like these:

      Doesn't Google and other search engines index every page on the web?

      Nope. We all wish. But they have finite resources. So they only index the most authoritative stuff - and they decide what is authoritative and what isn't. 
    •  All pages and links were not created equal - and Google and other search engines decides which ones are and aren't. 

    Get Backlinks From Popular Article Marketing And Submission Webites

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to market your articles is by using the services of article submission sites like  and

    Here are the best places to submit your articles for maximum results:


    Get Quality Backlinks By Blogging Free On High PR Platforms

    Another method of backlinking is blogging. There are many free blogging platforms with high PR. 

    Open an account with these sites and start blogging about relevant topics with outbound links to your website. 

    Every blog post, no matter how short, with outbound links is already a good source of backlink. 

    Thus, the more blog posts you publish, the more backlinks you will also create. 

    Some of the recommended blogs with high page rank are as follows:
    - (PR9)
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    Free Backlinking by Publishing Articles

    Another way to create free high quality PR backlinks is to create good quality articles and submit them to several top directories and web 2.0 properties with high PR quality.

     Unlike forum posting, this requires more time from your end since you will have to create long articles per backlink. 

    More good articles you make more good free quality backlinks you get, and more strong stay your website with these backlinks.

    However, the good thing about this method is that you will not only create top-notch quality outbound backlinks pointing to your site but get targeted visitors as well. 

    If your contents are good and they provide value to the readers, your visitors may also purchase in your site and improve its conversion rate.
    Just like the rest, you must also ensure to submit your articles in high PR quality article directories that allow you to create free dofollow backlinks .

     You can start your backlinking via article marketing in some of these article sites below. 

    Good Free Quality Backlinks Dofollow.

    - (PR6)
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    While it is good to know the top dofollow article directories with good page rank, it is important to know the ‘no follow’ popular article sites as well so that you can avoid these sites if you are building backlinks

    But if you want to get direct traffic, then go ahead and submit your articles in these well-respected sites listed as follows:
    - (PR6)
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    There are other ways of getting free high PR backlinks and you can formulate your own unique strategies to get more links for better search engine ranking of your site. 

    Just make sure to create free high PR backlinks at the ‘do follow’ sites.

    4 Easy Ways To Get FREE Quality Backlinks

    There are Possibly some very Easy tricks to get free dofollow quality backlinks from High PR sites.

     High quality PR backlinks are very valuable and reputed links for your Website or Blog.

    As more and more people get familiarized with SEO, using various methods for obtaining free high quality PR backlinks has become quite a popular endeavor for those seeking to improve their position and ranking in search engine result lists.

     If you want to learn how to get higher free PR inbound dofollow backlinks and drive traffic to your site, however, some dont work immediately or due to some of the newer algorithms used by search engines, you may even hurt your site’s ranking.

    The Following are a few of the most popular and efficient ways to build cheap backlinks with the proper use of content and keywords.

    1. Guest Posts and Blog Commenting

    Some of the best blog sites have an excellent quality page rank, and should you be able to get your content on their pages, your site can benefit from some quality high PR exposure.

    Blog comments placed on high PR blogs along with your site’s URL and the addition of keyword-enhanced anchor texts are a great way to get free high quality PR backlinks; however, an even better one would be to contact the blog’s owner and suggest writing a guest blog on one of those sites.

    There are only a few simple steps you need to remember.

    • Choose a high quality PR blog from a similar niche to the one you’re using, and type a message to the owner suggesting a title, topic or idea for a guest blog post;

    • Your message has to be short, to the point and genuine sounding;

    • Also, make sure you don’t insist too much, and offer alternatives, being willing to consider other blog post ideas.
    2  Regular Activities on High Quality PR Social Sites

    Social media and social bookmarking sites can also provide you with excellent means of creating free high PR quality backlinks by creating a profile/page and writing good posts.

     You get free quality backlinks from there.

    It may take some time to get everything prepared (creating your pages, gathering followers and so on), but the results will be well worth it, since people who spend time on social media sites and end up enjoying your posts will share them often to hundreds and thousands of their friends, many of whom may do the same.

    Also, you should know that many of them have millions of users who check out some of the top posts every day, so if you can write something interesting, useful or entertaining enough to become a popular bookmarking choice for readers, the amount and value of your free high quality backlinks will literally skyrocket.

    3. Writing Press Releases

    If you want to know how to get backlinks from high quality PR news sites, the answer is simple: write press releases and submit them to news announcement broadcasting websites along with a link to your site.

    Aside from getting you a lot of exposure by submitting your press releases to high PR news sites, some of these distribution centers can also offer various benefits, such as editing your press release titles, provide print and broadcast submission services and help you achieve higher headline visibility.

    In order to get the best results with press releases, your content has to be very well-written and newsworthy enough to catch a journalist’s attention.

    If you don’t like writing your own articles, one good solution would be to hire a cheap, freelance article writing service that can place a good press release writer at your disposal.

    4. Be Active On High PR Popular Video Sites

    Billions of users access popular online streaming video sites each day, and while video marketing might not be your preferred choice, posting comments on the most viewed videos will allow you to create some free high quality  dofollow backlinks pointing back to your site.

    This is one of the easiest, most fun way to get free high quality PR dofollow backlinks, and should your comments attract the viewers’ attention, you can also increase your website’s traffic ranking.

    As you can see, all the methods listed here rely heavily on providing useful content for readers who visit high PR sites.

    Since the top search engines on the web mainly use internet content to rank websites, it is no surprise that offsite SEO relies so heavily on content creation and keyword research.

    While posting well-written, structured content with proper density keywords and well-chosen anchor texts on high PR sites can get search engines to like you and get you some free high quality pr dofollow backlinks, it will also influence internet users searching for quality content that could help them solve their problems.

    So, by providing helpful, entertaining or newsworthy content, chances are high that readers will click on the links you provide, increasing the amount of targeted web traffic your site can benefit from.

    Free High PR backlinks and the methods you use to get them may, therefore, offer you more than you expected, and in due time, through the use of the methods presented above, you may get easily increase your profit and revenue by achieving improved search engine exposure.

    The Search Engine Directories And How They Work

    Web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.

    The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs).

    The information may be a mix of web pages, images, and other types of files.

    Some search engines also mine data available in databases or open directories.

     Unlike web directories, which are maintained only by human editors, search engines also maintain real-time information by running an algorithm on a web crawler.

    Web search engines get their information by web crawling from site to site.

    The "spider" checks for the standard filename robots.txt, addressed to it, before sending certain information back to be indexed depending on many factors, such as the titles, page content, headings, as evidenced by the standard HTML markup of the informational content, or its metadata in HTML meta tags.

    Indexing means associating words and other definable tokens found on web pages to their domain names and HTML-based fields.

    The associations are made in a public database, made available for web search queries. A query from a user can be a single word. The index helps find information relating to the query as quickly as possible.

    Some of the techniques for indexing, and caching are trade secrets, whereas web crawling is a straightforward process of visiting all sites on a systematic basis.

    Between visits by the spider, the cached version of page (some or all the content needed to render it) stored in the search engine working memory is quickly sent to an inquirer.

    If a visit is overdue, the search engine can just act as a web proxy instead. In this case the page may differ from the search terms indexed.

     The cached page holds the appearance of the version whose words were indexed, so a cached version of a page can be useful to the web site when the actual page has been lost.

    Typically when a user enters a query into a search engine it is a few keywords. The index already has the names of the sites containing the keywords, and these are instantly obtained from the index.

    The real processing load is in generating the web pages that are the search results list: Every page in the entire list must be weighted according to information in the indexes. 

    Then the top search result item requires the lookup, reconstruction, and markup of the snippets showing the context of the keywords matched.

    These are only part of the processing each search results web page requires, and further pages (next to the top) require more of this post processing.

    About once a month submit the URLs for your Websites. Manually submitting your site to the major search engines will cause your site to be re-indexed so that new text and information will be recognized and cataloged.

     Although most major search engines have ‘robots’ or ‘spiders’ that roam the web cataloging sites, the frequency with which they visit your site is based on many factors: how established it is, how often it is updated, how many pertinent incoming links you have, etc…

    It is important to note that there are many search utilities on the web that are ‘powered’ by one of the major search engines, and are therefore essentially extensions of those engines.

     This means if you are registered with the main engine, you will likely also be included in the additional directories it is powering.

    Free Directory Registrations And Submission Tips

    Use a real email address because many directories will require a confirmation to finish the directory submission process.
    Choose the correct country your website is from so we can match you to country specific directories

    Choose the correct category your website best matches from our list of categories so we can match you to 
    category specific directories

    Reciprocal Links: Some directories expect to have a link back from your website to theirs. 

    Check your email for what HTML code you will need to add.

    Make sure your are being accurate and honest to maximize your free directory registration.

    Submit Site to over 400 Search Engines

    Very good Website with best search engines.

    The submission may take 5-6 minutes - please, be patient. (Total amount of search engines and directories: 129)

    Manual Submission on Search Engines and Directories

       (copy the links and past to your browser)